Understanding the G-Spot

Understanding the G-Spot

Understanding the G-Spot

The g-spot is a part of the female anatomy that has been discussed and debated over the last couple of decades. Some people feel that the g-spot orgasm is the most powerful and pleasurable way to go, while others donít have much success with stimulating the g-spot.

So what is it and how does it work? The g-spot is the nickname for the Graffenberg spot. This is an area of the vagina that was identified by Ernest Graffenberg sometime in the 1950s.

He noted that this tissue gave pleasurable sensation to women and that some women could have orgasms by stimulating this spot alone. This tissue has a scientific name ñ paraurethral glands.

These tissues are not actually in the vagina ñ they are between the urethra and the vagina ñ but they can felt through the vaginal wall when women are sexually aroused. Most of the time they are not noticeable, but when women become aroused they swell and can be felt.

They can be felt on the abdominal side of the vagina about 2 or 3 inches from the vaginal opening. Once the spot is located, it can be stimulated by rubbing it gently in small circles.

Itís difficult for women to find this spot on their own because of where itís located. However, her sex partner should be able to locate it with little difficulty if sheís aroused. After finding the g-spot, what happens next is different for every woman.

Some women find that orgasms from the g-spot are completely different from the orgasms theyíve been experiencing. They may find the more pleasurable or they may not find them as pleasurable.

For some women g-spot stimulation will become a staple in their sex-lives, but for others it may not be enjoyable. The g-spot is only one way for a woman to have sexual pleasure. If you donít find that itís fulfilling for you, that doesnít mean thereís something wrong with you.

It can take time to achieve a g-spot orgasm or it may never happen for you. The g-spot orgasm certainly isnít the only way to climax. Itís just another technique to add to your sexual routine.

If you donít care for it, donít put pressure on yourself to achieve it. If it works for you, then by all means enjoy it. When it comes to your sex life, you need to always remember that everyone is unique. Understanding the g-spot is one way to improve your sex life, but it isnít for everyone.

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