Myth or Fact: Female Ejaculatory Orgasms

Myth or Fact: Female Ejaculatory Orgasms

Myth or Fact: Female Ejaculatory Orgasms

For many years it was thought that only males ejaculate, but recently the idea of female ejaculatory orgasms has become a topic of great discussion and even controversy. If youíve been wondering about this topic, youíve probably found a lot of information about it, but a lot of it has been conflicting.

The truth is that females can experience a sort of ejaculation ñ but not every woman does and even women who do can have vastly different experiences. There are many people who would have you believe that thereís something wrong with you if you donít or that thereís a right and wrong way to go about it. Everyoneís sexuality is individual.

Hereís how it works for those women who do experience female ejaculatory orgasms. Females have glands called paraurethral glands that are similar to the male prostate. These glands empty out into the urethra in females.

When these glands are stimulated (usually by stimulating the G-spot) they can produce a thin, clear fluid. In fact, many women who have had the experience of female ejaculatory orgasm have thought they lost bladder control.

However, the fluid is much different from urine and itís even different from the normal vaginal secretions that women produce. Some women experience a lot of this fluid leaving the body after orgasm and for others itís a very small amount.

Many women experience this, but many women do not. If you donít experience female ejaculatory orgasm, it doesnít mean you havenít had an orgasm. It simply means that your body doesnít produce this fluid ñ at least not in noticeable amounts.

There are a lot of tall tales about women squirting fluid across the room or producing it in gallons ñ and these are simply myths. Your body isnít capable of producing that much fluid during one sexual encounter.

If you do experience female ejaculation, thereís nothing to be embarrassed about. This is perfectly normal and shouldnít prevent you from having a fulfilling sex life. Your partner is sure to understand ñ and even enjoy ñ the way your body works during climax.

You may find that you have enough fluid to make a considerable wet spot on your bed after ejaculation. If this is the case, you can simply put a towel or two underneath you on the bed.

Everyoneís sexuality is very personal and individual. Whether you experience female ejaculatory orgasm or not, you can have a healthy and satisfying sex life.

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