Penis Enlargement Surgery Versus Home Remedies

Penis Enlargement Surgery Versus Home Remedies

Penis Enlargement Surgery Versus Home Remedies

If you’re concerned about the size of your penis, you’ve no doubt considered the idea of penis enlargement surgery. But the idea of going under the knife – especially for such a sensitive area – may seem a little scary.

Before you make such a decision, you should know the facts. You also need to know about home remedies that can help you to have the change you desire without the dangers.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Dangers

Before you make the decision to have a major surgery, it’s important to know the facts. First of all, you may have visions of adding a lot of size to your penis through this type of surgery. But the truth is, you’ll only add at most, about a half an inch.

For most men this small difference in size will really not make much of a difference when it comes to confidence or pleasuring a partner. And the risks are much greater than the benefits.

The most common procedure to make the penis longer involves cutting the ligament that attaches the penis to your pubic bone. Then, skin is moved from your abdominal area to the penis shaft.

This makes your penis look longer, but it can cause your penis to be unstable when it’s erect. In addition to cutting this ligament, sometimes surgeries involve removing fat from the pubic bone to make your penis appear longer.

If you’re interested in increasing the girth of your penis, a different procedure is used. The most common way to do this is to transfer fat from one area of your body and inject it into the penis. Unfortunately, this surgery is often disappointing.

That’s because the fat is usually reabsorbed by the body and then the increase in width fades away. In addition, the fat can settle in an unbalanced way and actually cause your penis to curve or uneven.

With any surgery, there’s also the possibility that you’ll have an infection at the incision point. This can cause pain, swelling, and infection can even result in death in very rare cases.

All in all, penis surgery is painful, expensive, and not very effective. There are much better remedies that you can try at home to help your penis appear larger and to give you more confidence in your ability to please your partner.

Your health and safety are much too important to risk for something that may or may not even work.

Exercise for Enlargement

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to enlarge the penis. It may seem strange because the penis isn’t really made of much muscle tissue, but exercise can do a lot to improve your size and performance.

There are some specific exercises you can perform that will help to lengthen your penis. For example, you can perform a simple stretch that helps to give you more length. This should be performed gently so that you don’t risk injury.

Begin with a flaccid penis and grasp the head of the penis. Stretch your penis upward and hold it for 10 seconds. Then hold the penis downward for 10 seconds. Follow up by stretching it to the left and to the right for 10 seconds on each side.

Repeat this exercise for five minutes each day. This stretch can help you gain length without having to undergo a surgical procedure. It takes just a few minutes a day to begin seeing results.

Jelqing is another technique used for helping to enlarge the penis. For this technique, you’ll circle your penis with your thumb and forefinger and apply firm pressure. Then stroke upward, forcing blood to the tip.

It’s important to be gentle so that you don’t actually injure the penis during this exercise. Using lubrication is also recommended. This is also better performed before the penis becomes fully erect. Stop if you reach a full erection.

Penis Enlargement Topicals

Another home remedy for penis enlargement is penile enlargement topicals. This includes oils and creams. These help improve the circulation of the penis helping your erection and size to be larger and firmer.

Oils and creams have herbs that help to improve circulation. Many formulas also contain natural aphrodisiacs to help increase sexual desire. They are good for use as lubricants when you perform penis enlargement exercises.

They work by increasing the size of the chambers in the tip of the penis so that they can accept more blood. This leads to greater size and harder erections that also last longer. Many of these topicals work to enlarge the penis as well as sustain performance.

Creams and oils can be used alone or combined with other treatments for penis enlargement. These creams are safe to use as they are made with all natural ingredients. However, it is important to check and make sure that you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients before you use it.

Herbal Supplements

There are many male enhancement supplements on the market. These also can work to increase the penis size. They do this by a variety of different methods that combine for successful treatment.

These herbal formulas are designed to help improve circulation. This helps more blood to get to the penis and makes it appear larger. They contain herbs that help to stimulate the increase of testosterone in your body, which can help improve penis size.

Many supplement systems come with a pill that you take daily along with a cream to use topically. These two-fold approaches tend to be more effective than just a pill or cream alone.

Herbal supplements are available without a prescription, so you won’t have to worry about making a doctor’s appointment to try them out. But do make sure you check the label to see if you’re allergic to anything in them.

And if you have a health problem or are taking a prescription medication, check with your doctor before using this type of supplement. Even though they are all natural, herbal ingredients can interact with medications.

Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps have been used for a long time to treat erectile dysfunction. They can help the penis to become more erect and stay that way for a longer period of time. They can also temporarily help your penis to look larger.

However, the effect is temporary and will only give the appearance of greater size for a short time. It’s also important not to use the vacuum pump for too long because it can cause injury and actually cause erectile problems if used improperly.

If used properly, these can be safe to use and be effective short-term. These can be purchased without a prescription for an economical price. Just make sure you follow the directions completely. If you’re using the vacuum pump and it becomes uncomfortable or painful, stop immediately.


If you want to improve the appearance of your penis without making a change to your member itself, manscaping can be a good option. Pubic hair can cover the shaft of the penis making it look smaller than it is.

By trimming pubic hair, you can expose more of your penis so that it looks larger. Many men also like the way this improves sensation as well. Your partner will also appreciate the extra care you put into your grooming.

When it comes to manscaping, you have options. You can use a razor to trim pubic hair. This is the simplest solution and is pain-free. For some men, waxing is a preferred option.

This is removal of the hair from the root. As you can imagine this process produces a lot of discomfort. However, it lasts for a long time and gives a smooth appearance without any stubble.

Most men who wax their genitals have a professional help with this. Many spas offer manscaping services for this area as well as removing back and chest hair. These services can be expensive, but you don’t want to leave this to amateurs.

You can also use depilatory creams to remove hair. These are often used by women to remove hair from the bikini line. These are creams that dissolve the hair. You apply the cream, let it sit for the designated amount of time, then wipe off the hair.

After you remove hair, you need to make sure and wash the area appropriately to remove the chemicals from your skin. This is an inexpensive solution that does leave your skin smoother than shaving.

Weight Loss and Physical Activity

Moving your body overall can help your penis perform better. For one thing, exercise helps to improve your circulation. Circulatory problems are the most common reasons for problems with the inability to have a complete erection.

Improving your circulation also helps your hormonal system to work properly. Exercises that will improve your overall circulation include walking, jogging, cycling, or any exercises that get your heart rate up.

You can also improve your sexual stamina, which is important regardless of your size, by exercising. This is perhaps more important than actually increasing your size when it comes to pleasing your partner.

When you exercise and lose weight, you can also reduce the size of the fat pad and your abdomen that might be covering your penis. This allows more of your penis to be seen. While you’re not actually larger, you appear larger because more of your penis is visible.

You may need to work to lose your belly fat especially. This is the fat that will hide your penis the most. By improving your diet and getting regular exercise you can reduce your belly fat and your penis will be more visible.

Penis Enlargement Foods

You may also want to incorporate some specific foods into your diet that can increase the size of your penis. Overall, you want to make sure that you eat a heart healthy diet that will promote good circulation – they key to men’s sexual health.

You may also want to eat foods that are helpful in keeping testosterone levels high – for example, foods high in zinc such as oysters, liver, red meat, and pumpkin seeds. Zinc is required for making testosterone in the body.

You can also enjoy foods such as nuts, especially peanuts, and dark chocolate for higher zinc and testosterone levels. Many men don’t get enough zinc, which can lead to penile problems.

Adding broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower to your diet can also help lower your levels of estrogen so that you increase testosterone levels. Eating garlic also helps to raise testosterone levels by stimulating its release.

Develop Realistic Expectations

It’s also important to have realistic expectations when it comes to penis size. Many men are under the impression that they have a small penis when it’s actually within the normal range.

The average penis is 3-5 inches long when flaccid and 5-7 inches when erect. Most men will fall into this range. However, men are often under the impression that their penis should be larger because of what they’ve seen in porn videos.

The men who star in these adult films tend to be outside the normal range, just as the women who star in these films tend to fit a specific ideal. If that’s your only basis for judgment, consider the reality of your situation.

One of the best things you can do if you’re concerned about your penis size is make sure that you have realistic ideas of what you should have. It’s also important to discuss any concerns you have with your partner.

Working on improving your sexual technique and learning what pleases your partner will ultimately determine the success of your sex life. If you don’t fall within the normal range, these home remedies are a good option for improving your size.

Remember that surgery is often unsuccessful, expensive, and can even be dangerous. It’s always better to go with natural remedies that won’t cause harm to your body and will provide you with better results.

Feeling confident about your penis size can help you to have more confidence in dating and relationships. But it’s also important to be safe and healthy.

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