Penis Enlargement Exercises

Penis Enlargement Exercises

Penis Enlargement Exercises

Penis Enlargement Exercises

Penis Enlargement Exercises

Sick and tired of the shocked look you get when a partner sees the size of your penis? Do you want to transform your penis from a little dud to a big stud? There are many pills and creams out there that say that they work wonders. Are they not working on you? Do you feel hopeless?

Don’t! There are penis enlargement exercises that you can do that are sure to work. Even if you aren’t super-fit, they’re easy to do. Some people say that using weights to stretch your penis is dangerous and ineffective, but every kind of exercise is to some degree because you always risk injury while exercising. Some really effective exercises include weights, Jelqing, stretching, and Kegel.

Weights come in all different sizes. Please be cautious to pick a size and weight that’s right for you. Don’t go one size up because you think it will help you grow a larger penis faster. You must first do smaller weights and continuously add more with time. The last thing you want is to have a weight that’s too heavy and you end up pulling a muscle.

Jelqing is another penis enlargement exercise that has been proven to have results. This method enlarges the penis by exercising the tissues and muscles in your penis. Many have described this technique as “milking” since it involves wrapping your thumb and your index finger around your penis while it’s partially erect and repeatedly drawing your fingers away from your body to force blood into your Corpus Covernosa. This is great for increasing the length of your penis.

Before you perform the Jelqing exercise, place a hot compress on your penis to warm yourself up. This helps your penis begin to obtain an erection, because it mimics the third of four stages of arousal. At this stage, the muscles in your penis will loosen up and will be easily expendable so that the “milking” process goes much smoother.

Another great penis enlargement exercise is clamping. Clamping is an exercise that requires a restricting device such as a cable clamp or a tight cock ring. The clamp needs to be put firmly on the base of your penis.

With the clamp on, you must masturbate for an extended period of time with a firmly erect penis. Be extremely careful about taking the clamp off. It’s advised that you not use a metal cock ring for fear that your penis may become trapped in it while it’s erect with a significant amount of blood flow and it may be impossible to get out.

Penis stretching isn’t limited to one type of exercise – it has many different forms. All of the penis stretching exercises have one basic principle – to stretch the tissues of your penis in order to make it longer.

Kegel Exercises are also one of many penis enlargement exercises that work. These exercises are not aimed directly at the penis but instead at the pubococcygeus muscle. That muscle is used to delay erections and if you can learn to train this muscle, you will then finally be able to prolong your erections making you bigger longer and your partner and you both happier.

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