How Can You Have Multiple Female Orgasms

How Can You Have Multiple Female Orgasms

How Can You Have Multiple Female Orgasms?

One of the biggest differences between men and women is that women have the ability to have multiple female orgasms. What that means is that after a man has an orgasm, he canít have another one right away. But many women have the ability to have another orgasm right away.

While not every woman can achieve multiple orgasms, many women can. It helps to know your body well and to have a partner thatís willing to do what it takes to help you have another. You may be pretty happy that you can even have one orgasm ñ but you donít have to stop there if you donít want to.

If youíve had trouble even having one orgasm during sex, make sure to work on that first. Once you know how to achieve orgasm in the first place, itíll be easier to have multiple orgasms if you want to.

When it comes to a womanís body, it helps to remember to be gentle. For many women, the clitoris is particularly sensitive after intercourse. That means that rubbing it roughly is going to be uncomfortable rather than stimulating. Your chances for multiple orgasms greatly increase if you touch the clitoris gently.

This is one of the reasons that women enjoy oral stimulation so much. It is very gentle and allows direct stimulation of the clitoris. The rules of chivalry state that ladies should come first, and thatís no different in the bedroom. Allowing the female to have an orgasm first will increase the chances that she can have another orgasm later in the sexual encounter.

Take your time to achieve multiple orgasms. The longer it takes to climax, the more intense it will be and the greater chances you have of achieving multiple female orgasms. Just when she is about to climax, slow down and stop stimulation. After a moment or two, you can get back to business.

Some positions are better than others for multiple orgasms. For example women tend to have a better chance of multiple orgasms if they are on top during sexual intercourse. This gives the best control over clitoral stimulation during intercourse and allows her to make sure the g-spot gets stimulation as well.

The g-spot shouldnít be forgotten because it opens the window to a vaginal orgasm that can be very intense and satisfying. This is a small gland you can feel from inside the vagina a couple of inches from the opening. Rubbing this area with fingers or the head of the penis can also help improve the likelihood of multiple female orgasms.

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