Achieving Female Orgasms During Intercourse

Achieving Female Orgasms During Intercourse

Achieving Female Orgasms During Intercourse

For some women achieving female orgasms during intercourse seems like an impossibility. The way the female body is wired can make it difficult for women to have an orgasm from intercourse alone. But you can try some techniques that will improve your ability to have orgasms during sexual intercourse.

It helps to know a little about your body. There are two types of orgasms in females. One comes from stimulating the clitoris. This is a small gland that is on the outside of your body just above the vaginal opening. This gland tends to become larger when youíre sexually aroused. It can be stimulated by rubbing it gently or by using sexual positions that stimulate it.

For example, if you want more clitoral stimulation during intercourse, try a variation of the missionary position. After your partner enters you, put your legs together and have him move his hips to line them up with yours. Rock gently back and forth and youíll find that you have more clitoral stimulation during intercourse. This is just one of many positions that will help you.

You can also achieve orgasm from the g-spot. The g-spot is a small gland you can feel from inside the vagina. Itís on the same side as your belly and is about two or three inches from the vaginal opening. It actually becomes larger when youíre sexually aroused and becomes easier to feel.

Many women find that they can control stimulation of the g-spot through sexual positions where they are on top. This gives them more power to make sure that spot is stimulated. It also allows you or your partner to stimulate the clitoris at the same time.

If youíve tried using different positions without success, you may want to consider introducing a toy into your bedroom. There are many vibrators on the market that can be used during intercourse. Some are simple vibrating bullets that can be placed on the clitoris during intercourse.

Other devices are more substantial and can be worn on the penis to help provide more stimulation either to the g-spot or the clitoris during intercourse. Donít be embarrassed to purchase products that help you to achieve orgasm. These products are available because many people need and use them.

If youíre feeling frustrated with your sex life, itís time to do something about it. Achieving female orgasm during intercourse can take patience and experimentation, but it is possible and fulfilling.

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