Primary Causes of Male Impotence

Primary Causes of Male Impotence

Primary Causes of Male Impotence

Male impotence is when a man can’t get or maintain an erection during sexual stimulation. There are many reasons why a man might experience this malady, but the primary causes are illness, psychological, unknown causes that go undiagnosed or a combination of these reasons.

There are more physical problems that impotence may occur than psychological, and these may include diseases such as diabetes, heart or muscular problems and addiction to alcohol or drugs. Some prescription medications can also cause impotence. Some psychological problems include being in a bad relationship, worry (financial, career or loved ones), anxiety and depression. There are drugs that can help alleviate these difficulties.

As men age, certain problems such as hardening of the arteries can prevent a man from receiving enough blood flow to the penis to maintain an erection. Impotence is the major complaint from men over forty years of age.

Sometimes a combination of occurrences, both physical and mental, may cause erectile dysfunction in men. For example, if a man has a physical problem that he’s unaware of, he may become distressed and depressed when he’s unable to get an erection. It’s extremely important to find out if there’s a physical cause for impotence so that it can be treated – then, the mental anguish should disappear.

Another common reason that a man may experience occasional impotence is when there are distractions during intimacy. For example, if the phone rings during a period of sexual stimulation, the man may become distracted by the noise and unable to maintain the erection. Children or pets can also cause distraction, and if an interruption occurs during sex, the man may be unable to recreate the “mood” in order to perform sexually.

If a man is turned off sexually by insensitive comments from his lover, erectile dysfunction may occur. This type of psychological problem can be overcome by talking to the sex partner about feelings and sensitivity. Both partners may need to seek help from a professional to learn how to deal with the feelings, and the problem can eventually be overcome.

Other controllable reasons for erectile dysfunction could be associated with the prostate gland. This usually occurs in men over forty-five years old and is completely controllable when you seek help from a doctor. Prostate inflammation (Prostatitis) is a very common condition among men and erectile dysfunction can be the result.

It’s important to seek a health care professional’s help and be absolutely truthful in relaying your problems to him or her so that he can correctly diagnose the cause for your erectile dysfunction.

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