Male Impotence Reasons and Treatments

Male Impotence Reasons and Treatments

Male Impotence Reasons and Treatments

Impotence is a common complaint among men, but the good news is that the prognosis is great and there are now a multitude of products on the market that can help men achieve and maintain an erection. Erectile dysfunction occurs when a man can’t get enough of an erection to have satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Erectile dysfunction can occur in every male age group, from teenagers and younger men to men older than 70. In younger men the causes may stem from anxiety that a pregnancy may occur if they don’t use condoms – and when they do use a condom, the act of putting it on decreases their sexual arousal.

Older men may experience erectile dysfunction because of psychological reasons, but more than likely, they’re suffering from a physical problem such as diabetes or blood flow restrictions. Some older men may have difficulties such as stress from work, guilt from having a previous relationship or working too much. Not being able to get an erection also contributes to the stress factor in the form of embarrassment and a blow to the ego.

Although rare, male hormone deficiency can also be a cause of erectile dysfunction – especially if the man has had an injury to the brain or the testicles. Obese men may also have a problem with erectile dysfunction because they’re in poor physical condition and the act of getting and keeping an erection is an exhausting feat.

Treatments for male impotence come in all forms and the one you choose should depend on the diagnosis from your doctor. Today, the most popular treatments for common causes of erectile dysfunction include oral medications that can be taken a few hours before sex, but sometimes several counseling sessions or psychotherapy is needed to return the man to the “mindset” of what he should do to get an erection.

New impotency treatments are being explored – treatments that stimulate the “sex” area of the brain, rather than relaxing the arteries that allow blood to flow to the penis. Herbal treatments are also popular aids to enhancing a man’s sexual performance.

Herbs such as Catuaba, Ginseng and Mucuna are often ingredients in over-the-counter products that claim to increase a man’s sexual libido. The downside of the herbal products is that they may take several days to become effective.

Sexual enhancements such as “vacuum penis pumps,” penis implants and penis rings can also help with male impotency, but should be used with caution and after consulting with your health care provider.

As publicity about new and innovative erectile dysfunction treatments increase, more men are seeking treatment, realizing they’re not alone in this difficulty that’s sometimes hard to talk about.

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