dating profiles for dummies

dating profiles for dummies

Guys and dating profiles

I have just been on plenty of fish and find that the quality of profiles for guys is really poor – so whats up why is it so difficult for guys to be men and more mature.

Incidentally some of the profile of older more mature men are even more poor and presenting themselves as mature – probably a bit of a bit life crisis kicking in there.

Remember that its all a case of self promotion – marketing at its most extreme

So what do men have to do to improve their profiles? Well first of all look at this video that gives all the details that should be covered.

Then take a look at this smart lady and how she cracked online dating – can you do the same find your dream girl using your brains alone?

Now for more general tips – be honest, open, funny (you can’t be too funny), interesting, serious, ambitious, achievement oriented, goal oriented, kind, generous, caring, understanding, good listener and sympathetic – if you have all these qualities then please email me!

Yes – seriously you have to be approachable and interesting – interesting is important the ladies are curious they like men to have a little bit of mystery about them.

Always impress women with your best achievements but don’t be a show off – there’s a fine line there and women know as soon as you have crossed the line.

Put as many interests as you have this is a sure way to discover a like minded soulmate. Statistics show that male profiles with more than 10 interests get twice as many messages as ones with less interests.

Photos are important – casual and outdoor photos in clear daylight are more impressive that professional posed photos. So go out there and get a friend to take a few photos of you having fun doing the things that you like.

Also clothes are important and well groomed men slim and tall – no slouching attract the attention of women more that any others. So may these factors more pronounced in your photos.

Don’t forget to smile – nothing sparks interest more than a good smile!

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Layla Lopez

Layla Lopez is a success coach and dating adviser she has three boys of her own and lives in the gym in LA. She has made a living in the online dating industry for the last 5 years. Her favorite quote is "It's raining men…hallelujah!"

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