Dating Guide for Men

Dating Guide for Men

Dating Guide for Men

Dating Guide for Men

Dating Guide for Men

All men want to impress a girl they like right from the first most men fail to make the correct right impression. Men fail for a number of reasons. Some of the top reasons are shown below:

Proper Grooming and clothes

Take time to select the most suitable clothes for your date – being over/under dressed could kill your chances of a second date. Also personal hygiene is important so bathe, shampoo, brush and use deodorant please. Bad breadth is a definite turnoff so make sure this does impede you. Proper fitting clothes are important don’t use trousers that you need to continuously pull up as they don’t fit – invest in proper trousers. Shirts and jackets are as important so buy something that’s not too lose or too tight.

How to listen

Don’t open you mouth – or gape or be shocked or too surprised – basically don’t over act the part of a listener – most men on first dates make this mistake and they look like actors that have been badly caste for a low-budget movie. React appropriately at the correct times. It is inappropriate to lean too close to someone on a first date – personal space is important. It is important to remember what she says and come back to the topic later but do it naturally – this is proof that you were really listening to what she said and she will appreciate it. Share similar experiences and interests – it is good to build a common ground for understanding.

The Inquisition

Don’t grill your date or eye her suspiciously – this isn’t a job interview. Assume that your date is not lying to you and do everything to make her comfortable. Speaking too loudly does NOT mean that your confident – just that you need to dominate the conversation. So content and style of speech should be natural and pleasing. Overruling your date’s opinion about something unreasonably could be disastrous. If you disagree with something do it respectfully. Sneering at or laughing off your dates opinions wont win you any brownie points.

Don’t goof off

Make her laugh at all costs but don’t do it at the cost of your own self-respect. She has to think that your funny not foolish – there is a fine line there. You have to first discover what your date considers funny before starting your knee slappers. Too many men laugh at their own jokes which most women find a boring and plain stupid. Sexist jokes are definitely off the table as are racist jokes. If you need to think twice before the joke then its probably not the right one to blurt out. Most important don’t start laughing before the punchline.

Don’t be too serious or paranoid

Don’t twitch and look around nervously – look confident and smile – talk clearly with short sentences if your feeling nervous – just take a deep breath and let her do the talking. Its okay if there are pauses in the conversation – this is normal. You don’t need to talk continuously to keep your date happy – remember this is a date. Don not debate or pound your fists on the table.

Don’t try to “look cool”

Don’t mention money and how many cars and mansions you own in an attempt to look cool or boast about how many celebrities you know. You will only look pompous and more of a douche-bag and no one likes a douche.


It is a bad idea to confess your sins to your date – please do be honest – but dating is not the confessional. Respect her privacy and don’t ask personal questions – you should decide what is acceptable topic by following her lead on a subject.

Leave out your mama

You should not harp on about your family if your date does not reveal any personal information – so don’t show off how large your family is or how connected you are to royalty – no one really cares. If your date asks personal questions – don’t look shocked or alarmed just answer briefly, or just change the topic to something less personal or you can politely decline to answer.

Complement but don’t flatter

Complement your date but don’t flatter – all women have bullshit detectors and they go off as soon as they sense dishonesty. Women are not naive so don’t say something that your date might misconstrue as sarcasm. Use the correct superlative in complementing your date calling her the most ravishing Ms. Universe in the history of the world might be too much to swallow – even before or after a date. Don’t try to underplay any defect that she may have. Example “For a woman with no eyebrows you look incredibly beautiful” is an inappropriate complement. Women do have egos but they are not as large as male egos so tread carefully.

The Predator

The sexual predator pounces on his prey right on the first date. Don’t make any sexually explicit remarks or comments – this could kill your chances of enjoying your date right from the beginning. Any subject related to your prowess in bed or the number of lovers you’ve had is definitely out of place and uncouth. Women are not meat – sex objects or commodities. Also buying her a meal does not immediately give you the right to copulate with her. So please keep it in your pants and try to be a gentleman.


These are the main problems I consider that men have on dates but men have always not disappointed in finding new ways to screw up while entertaining ladies. You can share your own bloopers with us by commenting below:

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