How to attract women

How to attract women

How to attract women?

Really this is the question that all you guys want answered and have been drooling about -since you could drool – after you saw your mama’s…

Let’s get down to it – women are complicated and I mean complicated there’s absolutely no way to know how any woman will react to anything – so the only way to approach a woman is to talk to her and find out everything you can about her.

Scout her – yes speak to her friends and find out what she likes and dislikes.

Stalk her online – there’s mow plenty of information about everybody online so use it.

Dress and groom yourself well there is no way to over-emphasize this women will judge a book by the cover and if she doesn’t like your cover – your finished.

Treat a woman like a friend and be funny – also joke around can add a good dimension to your personality – and keep a wanting more – a little bit of mystery about yourself will go a long way – women are naturally curious and always want to know more – so give her less

Don’t show her your interested – always pretend not to be interested even if you are interested – nothing turns off a girl more than a guy who drools.

Show that you have a lot of friends who are girls – girls always want what other girls have – this will raise your value in the dating market.

Girls always want to know that they compare well against other girls – so a carefully worded compliment could go a long way in building a special relationship.

The smile has been the ultimate weapon in many man’s arsenal – so just smile and make her knees melt. Smiling and not approaching women for over week has helped many men bag the woman they want simply by making her wait for awhile and build up sexual tension.

Take a look at this video by a dating expert Kezia Noble

That’s it how to attract women!

and if you want more juice to really win her over then take a look at this book that really dissects the psychology of women by really going deep into their minds.

The Dating Blackbook

The Dating Blackbook

You can comment below on your own successes and failures with women or any other questions – good luck.

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