New Dating Trends

New Dating Trends

New Dating Trends


When youíre looking for the perfect mate, youíll want to pay attention to the hottest trends in dating. There are several ways you can participate in the dating world that havenít been around for very long.

Pheromone Dating

Most of the time you pick a potential mate based on what you see, but with this dating trend youíll pick someone based on their scent. In fact, you wonít see what they even look like until later in the game.

This type of dating usually takes place at pheromone dating parties. If youíre planning to attend a party like this, youíll be given specific instructions for how to capture your scent for potential dates.

Participants are often asked to sleep in the same t-shirt for three nights. Then, you place it in a Ziploc freezer bag and freeze it until itís time for the party. This is designed to capture your scent and preserve it.

Once you arrive, your bag will receive a number. Youíll get the opportunity to smell the shirts of potential mates and they will get the chance to smell yours. At the end of the evening, participants can choose to talk with people whose scent they were attracted to.

The idea behind this is the idea that pheromones cause you to be biologically attracted to other people. While you canít actually smell the pheromones, they enter your body through your nose and are thought to provide a biological reaction that sometimes results in attraction.

So far these parties have taken place in large cities such as New York and Los Angeles. But you should check in your town to see if one is being organized. If not, why not start your own?

Reverse Commuting

If you live in a large city, it seems like it would be a perfect place to meet dates. But often people find that the city lacks the type of romance theyíre looking for in a long-term relationship.

In this case, people are actually leaving the city and heading for the suburbs to look for romance. Instead of commuting for a job, theyíre commuting for love. If youíre experiencing this problem you may decide that itís time to travel to meet someone to date.

This can be an expensive way to date with gas prices and the possible cost of lodging. But if youíre not having good luck where you live, the cost might be worth it to you.

You can choose to go to the suburbs to look for dates or even travel to other nearby cities to search for love. With the Internet and mobile phone technology, there are many options for finding people in other areas.

Online Dating Trends

Online dating isnít new, but there are some new approaches to online dating that have made it fresh. One new trend is dating sites that are very specific to shared interests.

For example, there are more dating sites based on things such as a love for sci-fi, passion for green living, or shared religion. You can also find dating sites that are specific to meeting people who are wealthy.

Some other possibilities include sites for:

∑ People who are divorced
∑ Little people
∑ Interracial people
∑ Seniors
Being more specific just means that you might have more in common. Youíll want to take a look online to see what might be out there for you. You never know what specific niche a dating site will fill.

There are also more people meeting through social networking sites that arenít even dating sites. For example, though Facebook and Twitter many people are meeting people who have similar interests that can even lead to romance.

Alumni groups have also shown potential for finding mates. You can reconnect with high school or college friends and start your story where you left off. Many people are finding love this way.


This is a service available only in New York City at this time, but itís sure to spread because of its popularity. This is a service that helps to set up couples to have quick dates based on common interests.

Having a short date allows you to spend time together without having to be stuck with someone you donít really like. And if you do hit it off, you can always arrange a second date.

Even if you donít live in New York City, you can try to add this dating practice to your life. As you work to meet new people, try setting up short dates that allow you to get just a quick impression of each other.

Thereís nothing worse than being stuck for hours with someone you donít really care to be with. Some ideas for short dates include:

∑ Grabbing coffee
∑ A lunch date in the middle of a work day
∑ Getting dessert or appetizers at a restaurant
Activities that donít take too long are great first date choices. So even if youíre far away from the city that never sleeps, you can still jump into this dating trend right where you live.

Leave a Calling Card

If youíre tired of traditional online dating, you may want to take advantage of a new service being offered. A new service offered by the site Cheekíd allows you to pass out cards to women or men youíre interested in as youíre out and about.

This online site is free to join, but then you pay for small cards to be printed and mailed to you. These cards act as icebreakers and then direct the person receiving them to a website profile of you.

At that point they can decide if they want to contact you through the site ñ which is a free service for them. This allows you to meet people in your local area that you might be too shy to approach without a prop.

The cards are simple, but have clever and humorous phrases to break the ice and encourage the recipient to contact you. They also come with the website URL as well as a code to get to your specific profile.

Mobile Phone Apps

More and more people rely on smart phones to communicate with people, check email, and search online. Now you can use your phone to find a mate as well using the GPS technology built in to your phone.

Several apps such as Skout and Grindr allow you to mix and mingle with people that are close to your location. Then you can decide if you actually want to meet up in person.

Some other apps to check out are Urban Singles and Are You Interested? These apps are inexpensive and turn your phone into a dating machine. But unlike online dating youíll be matched with people that are nearby.

These apps are free or very inexpensive and allow you to have the opportunity to meet people you might not come into contact with otherwise. If you want to be able to physically meet people before you have a first date, this process is a good one for you.

Speed Dating

Speed dating has been around for some time, but itís still very popular for dating. There are many places where you can experience this type of practice designed to help you meet mates.

In general, youíll be able to spend anywhere from one to two minutes talking with one person. Then a timer will go off and itís time to trade partners. Youíll go around the room until youíve spoken to every possible date there.

Then you can decide which people you want to get to know a little better. This gives you a chance to talk for just a few minutes and see if thereís any spark of attraction or common interests.

If youíre not interested, you donít have the pressure of saying anything and if you are interested, you simply mark down the people you want to talk to more so you donít have to face rejection if they donít feel the same way.

You may find that this is offered in your city by dating companies, but itís also become a trend within other types of communities. For example, many religious organizations or ethnic associations offer speed dating so you can meet people with common backgrounds.


While online dating is hugely popular, thereís another type of dating thatís still alive and strong. Matchmaking services that match you with people you might be compatible with are still popular all over the world.

With this type of service you pay a service to have a company match you with singles in your area. Instead of searching online profiles, the company does all the work for you and helps you to find compatible people.

Most large metropolitan areas have actual matchmaker services. Youíll enjoy the personalized service as well as the detailed information that the service uses to screen potential dates.

You can be certain that with this type of service you get a true picture of what the potential date looks like, what they do for a living, and what their interests might be. You may even get to see a video of potential matches before going out.

Singles Vacations

It can also be fun to have a dating adventure with a singles vacation. There are all kinds of singles vacations including:

∑ Cruises
∑ Camping trips
∑ Rafting experiences
∑ Ski trips
∑ Resort vacations
∑ International tour groups
This gives you a chance to meet new people while enjoying the scenery you love and activities you enjoy. They often include mixer activities so that you can get to know other people on the vacation.

You can be sure that everyone attending is there looking for romance, but that doesnít always mean youíll meet someone. Still, even if you donít meet the person of your dreams, youíll have a fun time on a new adventure and youíll certainly make new friends.

Itís always a good idea to talk a friend into going on a vacation with you. You want to have someone to do things with if you donít meet anyone you like. Itís also safer to travel in numbers.

This is a more expensive way to meet people, but itís great if you like to travel and you donít like the anonymity of online dating. It also helps if you feel like there arenít very many people in your direct area to date.

Meeting someone on a singles trip will also help you to find someone who has similar travel interests. If nothing else, youíll go on an adventure, soak up the sun, or tour a new place.

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