Gaming Is for XBox 360 and Playstation 3

Gaming Is for XBox 360 and Playstation 3

Gaming Is for XBox 360 and Playstation 3

For men, pursuit is often part of the fun of dating. That’s the reason men love games. You get to hunt things and conquer worlds and creatures. Great, but leave the gaming in your den.

Women are not big game to be hunted and bagged and regrettably, there are guys out there who seem to have forgotten that truth. This creates a problem because women start to become wary of all men.

You know the kind of guy we’re talking about.  You see him at the bar, the gym and in the office. He’s always on the lookout for a girl who might fall under the spell of his suave charm.

Most women want nothing to do with a guy like this. Unfortunately for you, when you approach the cute salesgirl at the store down the street, she might automatically assume you’re the same as this player, and shoot you down before you get a chance to plead your case and prove to her you’re not like those guys.

Men and women both play games, but it’s the kind that hurt the other person that you need to avoid. You may have read all sorts of advice about how to pick up women that failed you when it comes to helping you find the one you want to marry.

Many of these dating gurus focus only on one thing – helping a guy get a girl into bed. If you’re serious about wanting to find a committed relationship, you won’t want to use those tactics.

Some men are advised to create jealousy among prospective dates, pitting one woman against another for your affection. This is a game that won’t help you get ahead because the kind of woman you’re seeking – an emotionally stable, dedicated woman, will simply move on if you try this trick.

You need to know how to play the game, but play fair and play nice. If you can master that, you’re on your way to dating success. Before you can get to the point of asking a woman for a date, there’s usually some flirting and game-playing that takes place.

This is normal, healthy and fun. When done right, it can be very exciting for both you and the lucky girl you’re trying to charm. But it’s an intricate dance of sorts, so you need to know what moves to make and when to make them.

Usually, the first step that leads to a date is a glance unless you’re trying Internet dating, and then it’s a written word. Eye contact is a very powerful thing between two people. If she sees you and holds eye contact for a few seconds, she might be interested.

If she glances away, but has a pleasant look on her face, or a bit of a smile, she might be interested. Now if this doesn’t happen, don’t assume she hates you! There are a ton of other factors to be considered, like if she’s a receptionist and her phone is ringing off the hook and doesn’t have time to flirt.

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