How to End the First Date

How to End the First Date

How to End the First Date

You’ve had your first date, and it’s coming to an end. Suppose you like her and would like to continue dating her – how should you end this first date? You might be wondering about a kiss versus a handshake and how to set yourself up for another date.

You may also be wondering if she likes you and wants to go out again, too. Assuming that you have both had fun, you can end the first date on a high note and set the foundation for the next date. Here are some tips:

  • If you’re dropping her off at home, walk her to her door. Tell her that you’ve had a great time and that you really enjoyed her company. If you think she had an equally good time, tell her that you would like to call her in a few days and get together again soon (if she says “okay,” make sure you call when you say you will).
  • If you met somewhere for your date and are leaving separately, walk her to her car and do the same thing. Hold her car door open for her and tell her what a great time you had.
  • If she’s giving you the right signals, you can try for a kiss, but if you’re unsure, don’t risk it. She will still like you if you don’t kiss her – in fact she might like you better, thinking that you’re a perfect gentleman. By not kissing her, you’re also leaving her with a bit of a mystery.
  • Above all, make sure you end the date on a high note with you escorting her to her door or car and letting her know how much you enjoyed the date. Ask if you can call in a day or two and then make sure you follow through.

What if the date didn’t go so well? What if you think she’s okay, but you don’t intend to ask her out again? Don’t make the blunder of saying “I’ll call you.” That’s the absolute wrong thing to do. Try these tips for ending a not-so-great first date:

  • Remember to be a gentleman. You can still walk her to her door or to her car and make sure she gets in safely.
  • Tell her that you enjoyed meeting her and try to think of something you talked about that you can mention, like “I hope your job interview goes well on Monday. Good luck!” Leave things on a positive note.
  • If she seems like she wants a kiss, offer a hug at the most.
  • If she says, “Call me,” or, “Let’s get together again soon,” let her down gently by saying something like, “I’ve had a really nice time, but I don’t think we’re a romantic match.”  She might look disappointed and she might even seem a bit angry, but it’s better than lying.

It’s easy to end a first date with someone you want to see again, and it’s not really too bad learning how to end a first date with someone you haven’t any interest in seeing again. Either way, be a nice guy. She will appreciate it.

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