Jizmo Vibrating C Ring

Jizmo Vibrating C Ring

Jizmo Vibrating C Ring

When it comes to pleasure for couples, there’s one product that has won awards for how well they work – the Jizmo Vibrating C Ring. It won the Xbiz award for “Best Couples Sex Toy of 2014.”

A vibrating ring is a ring that slips onto the shaft of your penis and vibrates! This not only stimulates the man, but it stimulates the woman he’s with during sexual foreplay and intercourse.

The Jizmo Vibrating C Ring has a unique design and it comes with two of the batteries it needs to function for over an hour each. When you get it in the mail, you’ll also receive a little sample of their lubricant called WET Platinum Lube.

With a vibrating ring, the man will sustain a longer erection because the ring restricts the flow of blood. So you have more control when it comes to your orgasm, too.

Using the ring, you can position it toward your woman’s clitoris, or upside down where it vibrates your testicles. It just depends on who you’re trying to please with it, and if your female partner doesn’t want the stimulation, but enjoys the harder, longer erections, then you can simply use it upside down on yourself.

This product is safe for you to use. It’s hypoallergenic and free of Phthalate so you shouldn’t have any allergic reactions. This product has been well-received by paying consumers, who have given it a 4.4 out of 5 star rating.

Some consumers liked that it’s not an overpowering sex toy gadget. Others preferred something stronger. So it will depend on your personal style as to whether or not you like the boost or want something to carry the entire burden of sexual pleasure.

Some couples report that the best position to use for couples enjoyment is with the man lying down and the woman on top. This way, her clitoris is being stimulated directly through the use of the C ring.

Make sure you invest in a good lubricant that’s water based. If you accidentally get an oil-based lubricant, you run the risk of the material wearing down and breaking over time.

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