Doc Johnson Sasha Grey Device

Doc Johnson Sasha Grey Device

Doc Johnson Sasha Grey Device

For women, dildos are a popular sex toy that they can use to simulate sexual intercourse. They also use vibrators to stimulate the clitoris. But some men don’t know that they, too have options for sexual simulation.

The Doc Johnson Sasha Grey device is a pocket pussy, as it’s commonly known. It looks and feels like a real vagina – and you can take it with you anywhere to use discreetly.

It’s made of UR3, which is a synthetic fleshy material. The company made the design so that the fake vagina actually tightens around your penis and creates a suction feel to it.

The device is safe and it includes an antibacterial gel formula that won’t harm your body in any way. Plus, it’s made right here in the US of A, so the workmanship is incomparable.

This particular creation is molded after XXX porn star Sasha Grey, so if you’re a fan of her movies, then this will be an even more erotic feel for you. The inside of the design is ribbed to offer a deep stroking sensation.

The product has over 100 five star reviews on Amazon. There are a few who hold different preferences, but most people appreciate this particular product and also enjoy the Sasha Grey Deep Throat Sucker, too.

To keep this clean, simply turn it inside out and wash it off. You can use it with lubricant, too. But make sure it’s a water-based lubricant. If you use oil-based lube on sex toys, it can damage the material.

Men who bought it say it’s the closest to the real thing they’ve ever tried. Some use it in the shower, others in bed. Some with or without their partner. Many single and divorced men love having this device in their life so that they don’t have to deal with the pressure to meet women for sexual encounters on a regular basis.

The pocket pussy is delivered in a discreet package that just says “shipping department” on the box. However, your invoice will say what was purchased. After using and washing it out, let it air dry and store it with a bit of powder in a ziplock bag for protection.

When your device arrives in the mail, make sure you are fully erect before you try using it. Consumers say it works best that way because of the tight space – you don’t want to cram a flaccid penis inside of the sex toy because it might be uncomfortable.

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