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Hi! My name is Hashim Dean I live in Boise, Idaho – and I love to live life at a very slow and leisurely pace. I have a three year old daughter and wonderful wife to share my little house – we love to travel a lot.

Why did I create this site? It started out as a result of my growing frustration of dealing with fraudsters who wanted to sell me substandard products and charge premium prices. I also knew that there must be many others who have similar problems.

Not long ago I too was a newbie trying to survive in the wild west that is the Internet. I soon realized that I was spending way too much on products that were absolutely useless and did not teach me what I wanted to learn so I created a series on my own products after having invested a fortune scouring the experts for the best sources of the most upto date information available on each subject.

I also noticed that their was an alarming trend in bogus review and recommendation sites that promote products simply because they had high affiliate commission income.

I realized that growing consumerism was putting more pressure on people to make more money to buy more things that they really didn’t need or want – what was worse is that many people are now getting into debt to feed their obsession with shopping. Having more physical possession rarely made anyone happy. Owning is not important – using what you own is.

As a responsible Marketer I must disclose that I am earning a commission for the products that I promote on this website – however, I only promote products that my family or me have used and endorse personally. I also do host product reviews of friends whose judgement I respect to be fair and impartial. I realize that I do have a conflict of interest as I earn a commission for sales but I hope that the tools and information I provide will allow you to better assess your own needs and make the correct purchase decision.

Hope you enjoyed your visit to my website – please visit again!

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