Understanding the Badass Rules

Do you understand what it takes to become a Badass and have a Badass personality?


Dating Guide

Dating Guide

 Why are women attracted to the Badass persona? – Look no further:

The Top ten Badass Commandments:

  1. Badass persona is a lone wolf – “los lobos” does not move with the herd and does not have “herd mentality” and he always thinks outside the box
  2. The Badass is always truthful and trustworthy – he also looks for those qualities in others
  3. Badass looks after his family and friends and is not selfish
  4. The Badass has a great physique and rippling biceps because that is his birthright
  5. The Badass knows the art of chivalry like the Knights of ancient times that battled dragons and demons the Badass has a code of honor
  6. The Badass does not know the meaning of fear
  7. The Badass is never seen in the company of losers, wannabees, drug addicts, douche bags etc
  8. Badass does not have any role models the Badass is the role model to others.
  9. The Badass speaks only when he has to and does not hang around loud
  10. Badass does not wear brands or even look at branded goods but has his own personal brand the “Badass Brand”

The above ten principles or philosophy is the Badass rules – that I was able to figure out.

So do you think you are a Badass? Don’t worry there is still hope you don’t have to have all the characteristics above – even if you have five or more you can still be branded a Badass.

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That’s it – now go get laid and check back regularly to get updates on our exploits.

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